Grünkern aus dem Bauland
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Modern production of gruenkern

Today gruenkern is produced with huge and expensive machines. The spelt is harvested with thrashers and it is roasted in big ovens. No more Reffe, no more Haempfele and no more (traditional) Darre!!!
My own emotions regarding this development are mixed: On the one hand I feel that something very special has been lost but on the other hand, frankly, I wouldn't want to work a single day under the conditions of the 1950s. It was just murder!
One thing remains to be said, however, the pride of the people producing gruenkern and the quality of the product are unchanged. Carpe diem!

If you click on the picture below you will be shown a film of 1983 which compares the production of gruenkern today with that of the olden days.







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