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The tasty gruenkern is produced by roasting spelt which was harvested in a not quite ripe condition. This is done only in a relatively small area around the towns of Boxberg and Altheim in Southern Germany.

For the 15th anniversary of this website I wish to introduce to you two people who are responsible for the fact that I devoted my first homepage to the subject of gruenkern:

My father who sowed and reaped the spelt and made gruenkern from it and my mother who cooked the delicious soup of gruenkern and grilled the Gruenkern-Burgers. In Germany we have a proverb which says that love goes through the stomach: The dishes my mother prepared made me love the roasted delicacy of gruenkern.

Please, do understand that some parts of this website are not translated into English; my knowledge of that langugage is too limited.





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The old guestbook which starts in 1997 has some contributions in English and reflects some of the enthusiasm of the early internet days.



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