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The home of gruenkern

The home of gruenkern is a relatively small area in Southern Germany east of Heidelberg with little industry. Due to it's rough climate and it's remoteness to the so-called cultural centers this area has for a long time jokingly been compared to Siberia. As one who was born there and having returned to Boxberg after 30 years of travelling I cannot understand this prejudice. Come and see!


Be that as it may: The two towns of Boxberg and Altheim are the centers of gruenkern production. You are invited to visit the homepages of the city of Boxberg and of the town of Altheim.

It is remarkable that Spelt from which Grünkern is produced is grown in large parts of Germany yet the production of Grünkern is limited to an area that is even smaller than that outlined by the rectangle in the map above.

The sound of Grünkern country

Ilse Freudenberger(+2005) reads her poem "Grünkernernte 1960" in the Boxberg dialect


Scenes in Grünkern country

For a slide-show demonstrating the beauty of the home of Grünkern click on the picture below









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